Thursday, August 19, 2010

Such A Bummer

The worst has happened!!!! My favorite cycle instructor, MaryAlice, has moved to Houston. NO!!!!! My cycle days are over I guess. I only go to MaryAlice's classes because she is THE BEST. The other instructors look like pansies compared to her and it's a total waste of my time to even get on the bike. I am so bummed out. Alicia told me at physique this morning and for the whole 45 minutes all I could do was mourn the loss of MaryAlice. Seriously what am I going to do? I love cycle so much but only when she teaches it. What a horrible thing to have happen!!! I know I'm not the only person at my gym who is so bummed out. She was everyone's favorite. If you didn't get to her class 15 minutes early there weren't any bikes left. OOOOOHHHHHHHH I'm SOOOOOOO SAD. Are my cycle days over? Will Fuse find someone to replace MaryAlice who teaches just like her? I'm seriously going to have a talk with the owner or manager about this.
My hubby is back from Chicago!! He got back around 8:30 last night. His relay is over on Tuesday which means BIG celebration. I can't wait. He worked 40 days in a row!!! For like, 14 hours a day. It's so hard to basically not have a husband. I don't like not having my buddy around. He's my bestest friend...I missed him. :(
Time to heat up my lean cuisine. I've got to come up with a different lunch for myself. I eat those bad boys for lunch every day...

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