Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Pics From Friday Night -- Anna + Austin's Stock The Bar Party!
Friday night was a blast! A+A racked up! Jax and Christina threw a fun partay!!!

Pics From Saturday -- Beaver Lake!
The lake this weekend was a blast. Brad's parents were sweet to loan us their lake house. It's right on Beaver and it's so fantastic! There is nothing better than walking a few steps to your boat doc. We got there early Saturday morning and the four of us plus 3 other friends of Braclyn came out with us. We pretty much just lounged and watched Rose swim. We cooked a yummy meal for dinner and got right back out on the water on Sunday. It was great to be on the water with friends having a good time. It was the first time in 40 days Scott hadn't worked so that made me and him both very happy.

Scott left for Chicago yesterday so Mom came up on Sunday night to stay with me. We saw Eat Pray Love yesterday. I loved it. It was pretty much the book to a T. Of course I loved the book so I knew I would enjoy the movie.

That's it. Mom, Holly, and I have just been hanging. We've been cooking yummy meals and going for hour long walks together at night. I always enjoy when my Mom comes to see me. I wish we lived in the same town. I know we would see each other every day if we did.

Time to get ready for dinner. Rachel Zoe tonight!! I'm going to get Mom as hooked as I am.

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