Thursday, September 2, 2010

Romance War

Scott and I have a bet for the month of September--who can be the most romantic?! We decided to place this bet last month. As you can see from my twitter, Scott surprised me with a romantic candlelight meal tonight...with champagne! I surprised him with a new Peter Millar swimsuit (on sale holla!) plus yesterday I bought him some sour gummy worms. That boy loves himself some sour gummy worms. He'll eat a whole thing in one sitting.
It doesn't have to be about gifts although that tends to be what I think of when it comes to romance as that's my love tend to speak your own even if it's not your partners. Of course a good vacuum or a lovely dusting or toilet bowl cleaning would nearly bring me to tears. Acts of service runs high on my list of lovingness. So a good cleaning product and rag in my husbands hand is super sexy/very romantic.
I feel as if I'm winning because Scott didn't do anything romantic for me yesterday because he forgot about the bet. So Kara-2 Scott-1. As Landon would say 'I'm winning.'

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