Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Already!?

Ahh! I'm feeling much better today. I made it to work which is good. Still don't feel like I could go for a run or anything but that's okay. Sometimes a break from working out is nice (shhh!).
So I've got a very busy September. I have something consuming my weekends every weekend. All fun things so I don't mind. This weekend I'm headed to Kansas City with my girls to celebrate Anna's bachelorette party!!!! I love Kansas City and I haven't been since Sigma Chi formal in 2006 so I'm in need of a return visit! Plus going with your girls just makes it that much better. We've got a very fun weekend planned. I'm pumped.
It's my turn for visitation of Holly so my brother is bringing her up this weekend. He's coming for the game of course. I won't be here to watch Holly until Sunday but I'm not worried. Holly is obsessed with Scott and he's obsessed with her too so I know she's in good hands. He'll totally invite her on a trip to the bank or the cleaners and I just love that about him. He treats Holly exactly the same way I do and that just makes me love him more. I know that sounds stupid but it does. On one of our first dates, he picked me up at my place then we went to his apartment to eat and watch a movie. I was saying bye to Holly and he was like 'why don't you just bring her?' Imagine angels singing in the background while Gabriel places a sash around him labeled husband. Bam. That did it for me. I love my husband for loving my dog.

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