Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boring Weekend

I'm bored. There's nothing left for me to do but blog. I'll tell you about my weekend.
It started Thursday night. Scott and I went to Bonefish for a yummy little dinner. It was delicious! On Fridays we typically stay in and rent a movie. So that's what we did. We ordered a pizza from Jim's Razorback Pizza & watched a movie. On Saturday we woke up early and worked out, then we went to Walmart and a local garden center to get fall flowers. It's amazing how long it takes to plant flowers. I started at 11 and didn't finish until 2:00. I now have pretty pansies in my flower bed! Scott's dad came over to watch the Razorback game. It was kind of a boring game don't you think? We looked pretty terrible too even though we won. After the game Scott and I went to Shogun for some sushi then came back home and rented yet another movie. We were boring this weekend. Today, church, shopping at the Rogers mall, laundry, football, and I'm about to head to my father-in-laws for Sunday night dinner.
Not one interesting thing about that huh. Today is 10/10/10 though. That's kinda cool. Hope you all have a great week! Mine should be more eventful as I'm headed to Cincinnati on Thursday for our Memphis friends, Wade & Alissa's wedding!

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