Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today started out very average. Wake up, turn on Regis and Kelly....yada yada.
THEN, around 3:00 my phone beeps that I have a new email. I open it up and literally gasp out loud as my brain comprehends what my eyes are reading. Celebrate Magazine wants to give me their special Seal of Approval for my blog,! I knew Celebrate gave these out to blogs they like because I am a big fan of Celebrate Magazine. I never imagined they would give me one, especially since I've had this blog for only about a month.
I immediately called Scott with the exciting news! He knew how special that was for me because he's heard me talk about the seal of approval before. I'm seriously beside myself! I'm 1 of only 8! Two of which are amazing photographers here in NWA (Hudson & Benefield) and a blog I'm a big fan of (Blonde Ambition). You can find them all under my favorite blog links.
So yeah....pretty honored!!!! Scott took me out to celebrate the Celebrate tonight! We had a lovely dinner at Bonefish and came back home to pop open a bottle of champagne while we watched Greys and Private Practice!
I'm so excited you guys!!!! What a cool thing. Wooo Hooo!!
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