Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scary Cars

Car's have been scaring me a bit these last few days! Last night I was walking out of Walmart with my cart of groceries and this car backing out of it's spot almost ran me over. Seriously not exaggerating. I let out a quite girly scream (kinda embarrassing) which the car heard and made it come to an abrupt halt! Everyone in the parking lot was gasping with their hands over their mouths then presumed to tell me they thought I was about to get run over by the lady who was not paying one bit of attention. Scary!
Then, this morning I'm getting ready for work and my brother calls me in hysterics! I'm freaking out thinking somethings happened to Landon. He tells me that he was pulled over on the side of the interstate shaking because he almost got hit by a car going 70 mph. There would have been absolutely nothing for Kyle to do but let the car plow into him. Thankfully the car noticed just in time and slammed on it's breaks creating huge marks on the road and clouds of black dust. The person was texting. It scared Kyle to death. And made him furious that the person was texting! I've had close calls but never on a 2 lane interstate where a person was totally not paying attention and I had nowhere to swerve to avoid it. It just makes you realize how quickly life can change. What if something terrible had happened to him? I'm so grateful he's okay. And now it's time for me to preach like Oprah and say don't text and drive!!!! Are you crazy? It's so so so dangerous!!
Alrighty, that's about it. Kyle's story was scary....mine was too but I have to admit I laughed out loud once I got in my car and relived the girly scream over and over in my head. I actually apologized to the Walmart crowd for the sissy scream explaining 'it was just a reaction!' So embarrassing....lata!

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