Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Touch Paranoid

Hello Mates! What's been going on? I've been working the girls 7A volleyball tournament all week. Fun times. I've worked it by myself which gets quite boring. It's all good though. I had lots of mags to keep me entertained.
My hubby just got back from San Antonio. He's been gone all week. I didn't share that info earlier because I'm worried some creeper will read it and come and murder me or something. I'm very impressed with my staying-alone skills. It literally terrified me to stay by myself in the past. The sorta sketchy hood in Fayetteville may have contributed. But now I feel safe and sound in my cozy little painted house. I actually got great sleep since nobody was in my bed taking up my space and stealing my covers. I have to leave my TV on when I'm by myself though because I wake up many times in the middle of the night and it's nice to see nobody is starring over me while I snooze. Am I paranoid? Yes. I am always that aware woman of 'what could happen.' I used to walk around the UofA campus at night with my mace in the air and my finger on the button.
I'm like this with many things in life. I get irritated with Scott if we're Walmart shopping and my purse is in the buggy and we split to look for separate stuff and I see him standing by the cart starring off in wonderland. Hello! Someone could steal the bag! Whenever I'm somewhere and a woman turns her back on her bag (or baby) for a quick sec I almost want to take it to prove a point that anything could happen in a second but that would probably get me arrested.
I hate to leave Holly in the car to run into a store real fast. I'm always worried someone will break into my car and take her! I've expressed this to Scott many times and for some reason he and Holly took a road trip by themselves between LR and Bentonville one time. He had to stop in Ozark and potty and he left Holly in the car. As he was deciding which candy bar to eat on the road, he suddenly heard his car alarm go off. Scott said he threw the Snickers down on the floor and sprinted out of the door looking foolish only to see Holly sitting in the car with a 'what's going on!!!!!' look on her face! HAHAHA. Makes me laugh so hard to picture that. He said all he could think was 'Kara's going to kill me because she always says not to leave Holly in the car even if it's only for a minute.'
Anyways, yeah, I'm paranoid. I don't find it to be a bad quality at all though and I contribute my equally paranoid mother and living in Memphis for obtaining this. That's all...

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