Monday, November 1, 2010

Where I Stand...

Remember when I turned 25 I had 25 things to do while I was 25? Just updating you guys on some of my goals I accomplished!

1. Taste wine at a vineyard in Napa
2. Go to a concert
3. Take Landon to Silver Dollar City
4. Try to remember to take my contacts out when I sleep at night (I try real hard but I mean, I can't see the TV and it's super frustrating!)
5. Hit up Vegas for a long weekend
6. Read a book (or 2 or 3)
7. Bump into an A-list celebrity
8. Try a banana split for the first time ever
9. Go to Memphis in May
10. Try yoga
11. Travel with Scott to Chicago when he has to go for work
12. Figure out what Britney Spears is saying in her song, 3
13. Watch a broadway show
14. Spend more time in the morning looking better hair/make-up/clothing wise for work (it's better but still not giving it 100%)
15. Obtain more shoes (so glad my husband understands how happy they make me) Maybe we should just halfway highlight this one. You can never have too many right!?
16. Run a 10K (5k will do right? I'll try to do another 5k so that'll equal a 10k)
17. Be less sensitive (done and done. Mostly. My hubby is great at helping me with this.)
18. Make more dinners like Barefoot Contessa on a weekly basis (I may not pluck a chicken but at least we aren't having one for dinner every single night anymore)
19. Take an anniversary trip with Scott on our actual anniversary Bora Bora style
20. Continue my workout regime
21. Give more compliments AND be more accepting when I receive one
22. Get a picture made with Pork Chop, Sue E, Big Red, or Boss Hog
23. Manage to get a family portrait made with me, Scott, Mom, Dad, Kyle, Landon & Holly
24. Enter the Regis & Kelly trivia contest so I can, A. talk to Regis & Kelly and B. win a trip
25. Attend a black tie dinner (thanks Wade and Alissa!)

I think I'll be able to accomplish a lot more within the next few months. The tricky one is gonna be Napa....I'll figure it out somehow! Ahem...Dad?

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