Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Few Words for Wednesday

-Totally ready for this week to be over with.
-I'm sure you all are expecting me to make a comment about the election results yesterday but I mean, it was so obviously coming for months so I mean, was anyone even surprised? Not even worth talking about as we all saw that coming from a million miles away. Remember when I said 1 term president? Just reminding you....
-Tomorrow is my least favorite work day because I have to be there until 8:00. I'm a 10-5 kinda gal. Seriously, I dread Thursdays all week long.
-My snuggle bug is curled up next to me snoozin and I love it! (Holly not Scott)
-Who's ready for Thanksgiving? Me!! It's my favorite holiday.
-Do all of you who read this blog read ? Missin out if not...
-Why is Bristol Palin still on DWTS? I think it's the super conservative folks out there who keep voting for her because they love her momma. What do you think?
-That's all. I'm stinky from my workout at 4:00 and it's 10:30 now so I'm way overdo for a shower. Nighty night!

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