Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nick and Vanessa

OH MY YOU GUYS!!! Nick Lachey is engaged to Vanessa Minnillo! I'm loving this news. (bout time!!!)
Background info: I was a HUGE Newlyweds fan. I can remember watching it in my dorm room freshman year with my roomate. Loved it! Loved them. Have the DVD's. OBSESSED. I've said before that I'd love it if they got back together but I'm completely aware that's totally not going to happen. (obviously)
So this is how I see it.
Jessica thought she was too cool for school and believed she could do better and dropped Nick. (mistake) She dates guy after guy only to be 'dumped' by all of them. Except now she's dating Eric Johnson (who?) and he'll hang onto her for the celeb fame. She'll see he was using her for that yada yada...they'll be done eventually (most likely)
Nick on the other hand has been dating Vanessa since he and Jess broke up nearly 5 years ago. He's so happy, she's gorg, they're adorable together. The rest is history...
Don't you know Jess wanted to die when she heard about Nick and Van getting engaged tonight. She's totally feeling the pressure now. I'm loving this. I love Jess but my love for her went down about 35% when she left Nick for selfish reasons. He was heartbroken and didn't see it coming (anyone read that Rolling Stone article right after the divorce? Gut Wrenching ) She's a hot mess right now I just know it. I'm not happy that Jessica is probably sad. But it does gives me satisfaction (as a lover of Nick and Jessica equally) that he came out the man on top since Jess thought she was just too good for him. And look where that's gotten her....unlucky in love. It's totally come full circle. Why did she think they needed a divorce? Six bad months? Please. You think my grandparents who were married for 61 years didn't have 6 bad months. Suck it up! Anyways...that's how I feel about it.
Too into this story? Probably. Should I get a life? Ehh...I dunno. This makes my life quite entertaining. I literally gasped when I just saw it on which I read about 3 times a day. Alrighty. I'm Kara Luttrell Johnson and I hope you enjoyed this celebrity update.

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