Monday, November 8, 2010


I had a fantastic weekend! My parents were up for work this's always nice when I get to see them! My Dad is turning 50 on Wednesday so we celebrated his birthday this weekend since I won't see him on his actual birthday. We wanted to make it really special so we rented a limo to take us around town! My Dad was so surprised and it made for an extra fun night! We had dinner at Theos and it was AMAZING. We got drinky drinky happy happy since none of us had to drive which made the night even more fun!! :)
On Saturday night right before we left for dinner Scott was outside and a precious little sheltie wandered up. Scott called me outside to ask if I had ever seen the dog before and I hadn't. We knocked on neighbors doors to see if the dog belonged to them or if they knew who the dog belonged to and nobody had ever seen him. After sitting in the yard with him for a very long time to see if maybe the owner would come looking for him we decided to put him in our garage for the night with a lovely down comforter because we couldn't bare the thought of letting him continue to wonder.
So yesterday we grew concerned about the dog because there was drops of blood all over our garage and I noticed that it was coming from his little PP. Not being able to stand the fact that the dog was probably in intense pain, I contacted the animal clinic I take Holly to up here and got them to meet me on a Sunday for emergency care (and a hefty price).
Believe it or not this super sweet, loving, adorable and precious little dog had a chip in him! So we tried to call the owner but the number had been disconnected. We learned the sheltie's name was Tiny and after googling found the address of the owner.
The vet found that Tiny had a urinary tract infection. Not knowing what kind of situation this dog was coming from and how his owners treated him, Mom, Dad, Scott and I decided to get Tiny the best medicine to treat his problem. It was quite costly but we split the bill and I didn't even feel annoyed about it because I wanted the dog to get better.
So we drive out in the middle of nowhere to give the dog back to the owner but of course the owner had moved. Their neighbors were outside and had their cell number so I called the owner and told them I had Tiny. The owner was so excited and very relieved and gave me her address to drop off Tiny. She lived across the street for us. Can you believe that!!!!!! All of that for a dog that lives across the street. But we had knocked on doors and asked and nobody had ever seen Tiny.
I think it was God's plan for that dog to get out of his house (which he never does) and wander into our yard. Because he's supposedly had this infection for a long time but the lady is recently divorced and couldn't afford the right medical attention that Tiny needed. She wrote us a check to reimburse us but Scott and I have decided not to cash it. This lady loves Tiny so much---he's 11--and I know she takes great care of him. Dog medicine is incredibly expensive and I don't fault her for not being able to do the absolute best for him. But now he's got great medicine to take for the next 10 days along with some good ol' pain meds too so hopefully by this time next week Tiny will feel 100% better! I think I may even go knock on her door to see. I could tell she was embarrassed but she shouldn't be at all. I love dogs so much and this one was so so so precious and I just want the little guy to feel better. Like I said, I think it was all God's plan.
So that's my weekend story. Have a great Monday!

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