Sunday, November 21, 2010

Help Me Decide!!!

Okay. 2nd post today. We've FINALLY narrowed it down. Ready? We've got 2 options. Cabo and Crested Butte.
So here's the deal. I'm going to have you guys vote on it. Now I'm not necessarily saying the vote is going to decide what I'm gonna do but I most definitely want to hear your opinion. I'm going to give you pro's and con's for each destination and I want you to pick. Both are similar price points. Cabo is great location--close to Cabo nightlife. Crested Butte is ski in, ski out. Now don't pick as if it's you going....pick like you're me. Keep all Pro's and Con's in mind. What do you think Scott and I should do?

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort and Spa, Cabo

1.) Beach = relaxation, tan, unlimited drinks & food (all-inclusive)
2.) Never been to Cabo--always wanted to go
3.) Nice to get away from the cold in NWA to warm Cabo
4.) Beautiful resort, new, adults only, smaller than what we've been to, romantic
5.) Good price of resort allows extras like: massage, snorkeling, etc.
1.) Been to all-inclusive beach twice this year--Mexico & Dominican Republic
2.) Not really that different feeling I was looking for
3.) Can't get in the ocean in Cabo
Elevation Hotel and Spa, Crested Butte, CO

1.) That different 'feeling' I've been wanting...not the beach
2.) Cozy, fun, romantic, casual, picturesque
3.) Laid back, hang by the fire, snuggle & watch a movie at night, kitchen if we want to cook chili & hang
4.) Very appropriate January vaca & quick flight
5.) Scott's never been skiing...

1.) Scott's never been skiing...what if he doesn't like it
2.) Not all-inclusive
3.) Cold weather to cold weather
So what do you think? Give me your opinion. I average around 130 readers a day so I expect ALL of you to vote. Don't's anonymous. Help a sista out!

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