Sunday, November 21, 2010


What have I spent my weekend doing? Searching for anniversary trips. Yep. THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. Am I totally over it? Yes. Could I officially work for Travel and Leisure now? Yes. I feel as if I know everywhere there is to go around the entire globe. It has been quite exhausting. I've searched everywhere between California and Fiji. Over it. So over it.
Our travel agent is great. However, I have zero clue as to where I want to go (Scott left it all up to me) and I have to give her some sort of direction. So I've been trying to narrow it down and I can't. I've been so bipolar. I did find an AMAZING place in Bora Bora but of course it's like $20,000. Bummer.
I'm totally into Paris but Scott feels as if Paris in the winter isn't the way to go and we should save that for nicer weather. But he's cool with Paris if I really want to go there.
I like the idea of Napa but Scott's Dad is thinking about taking us there in May for our birthdays.
Of course I've gone back to the Colorado idea.
Caribbean is of course great but everything (we can afford) in the Caribbean is so similar to what we've done this year and you know, I'm wanting 'that different feeling.'
I'm interested in Cabo since I've never been before. I think it could be fun and probably a different 'feeling' then the Caribbean.
There is this one place in Turks and Caicos that I'm in love with. Our travel agent sent it to us early this year as an anniversary trip option to think about. I love. It's only been open for about a year. It has that 'different feeling.' Of course travel and leisure discovered it too and now that it's become more popular, it's nearly doubled in price. Rude!
So I'm almost kind of thinking if I'm not in love with anything I'm finding should I even worry about going on a trip. A lovely meal in NWA is always fantastic and makes me happy.
Big Cedar is close....never been there and it looks kinda fab.
Oh I don't know.....I just don't know. I'm quite indecisive these days and it's buggin big time. I'm totally annoyed with myself. I'm completely the problem. Scott's cool with wherever. I'm being too picky.
Okay...I'm going to watch AFV cause I need a good giggle or two.

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