Friday, November 19, 2010

Travel Planning

I have been very productive today but if you took a look at me you wouldn't believe it. I worked out then showered. That's all literally. No drying of the hair, no putting on the makeup. Yup. I've been sitting on my sofa working on blog material all day. Whew! Exhausting.
I believe Scott and I are going to just hang at home tonight. I'm not in the mood to get all dressed up for a night out.
I am SO SORE from my physique class yesterday. I had a feeling when I was doing it that I was going to feel the soreness the next day....and I was right.
Scott and I are having THE HARDEST time figuring out where to go for our 2 year anniversary. At first we were going to do Colorado. After looking into it though, we decided it would most definitely be better if we saved that for a group trip. So we're doing a beach. We're entirely too picky. Our travel agent said she regrets sending us to Jade because it's set the bar too high! Haha! I'm wanting a different feel then the places we've been to this year. I don't want the whole party at the swimup bar/karaoke at night thing. I want something more like Jade. Small, quiet, relaxing. They're hard to find you guys. Or if we do find them they aren't all inclusive and we definitely need all inclusives. We've got to get this figured out ASAP as we're planning on leaving January 22 which is just 2 months away! I think we'll get it squared away by next week for sure. Hope we find something great!

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