Sunday, December 5, 2010

Go Cats!

What up! My buds Braclyn just left the Johnson house after a lovely low key night. Yummy take-n-bake is what this suzzie homemaker made for din. Along with 3 bottles of wine. Yikes!

So....Once a Wildcat always a Wildcat right? I'm so proud for El Dorado right now! I just found out via facebook they won the state championship football tonight and I'm totally thrilled! Super bummed it didn't happen when we went to state my junior year but whatcha gonna do? How's this for, as Scott would say, innerestin....they played Bentonville that year. Which happens to be the place I call home now. AND....the Bentonville Tigers won Friday night....then the Wildcats won tonight. Die! Love! Even though I'm sure I'll always live here in Walmart World, I'll always hold a special little place for the Cats in my heart!

Scott just read this post and said "that's embarassing."(referring to the photos) Nu Uh! I totally rocked the Moo Moo!!!!!! Only Torri, Squid, Rosamond, and Mahurin (my former cheer buds I know for sure read this blog) would get that. I totally loved the Moo Moo. Holla!

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