Monday, December 6, 2010

Snooze & Stock

Howdy. How's this Monday treating you? I have been quite productive today. My husband woke me up around 7:15 by hitting his snooze button a good 4 times. I was officially over the idea I may fall back asleep so I made a point to let him know he woke me up by turning the TV on to Good Morning America. He gave my arm a little good morning squeeze to which I looked over with a glare (a cute one, not a mean one). He laughed, then apologized.
To give him credit, he has gotten better about hitting the snooze we just went to bed really late last night. I protested about 2 months ago with the snooze button by sleeping in the other bedroom until he promised to set his alarm for the absolute last minute he could to get ready in time. I think I made my point. It wasn't an argument, I was just like 'until you stop hitting that stupid snooze button I'm not sleeping in the same bedroom with you.' It pretty much worked. I gotta admit though I kinda loved that week of having my own bed. I've never been able to sleep with someone in the bed with me. I CAN'T WAIT to get a king sized bed. It will make me an overall happier person.
So since I woke up so early....on my day off....I woke up, made oatmeal with blueberries, wrote my Life blog, ripped the sheets off the bed & washed them, headed to the gym--rode the elliptical for 45 while watching Regis and Kelly. Went to Walmart, STOCKED my pantry and fridge (I almost want to take a picture to show you. I love when I have a stocked pantry and fridge) Got gas, deposited 2 checks in the bank, went to the Bentonville Butcher Deli, Dusted my furniture, made an amazing lunch for myself and Scott--a salad medley--pasta salad, chicken salad, salad salad, with homemade ranch dressing (naughty girl) and washed some towels-----all before noon. Since noon, I've written many drafts for my Life Gift-giving (love getting ahead) and now it's 2:00 and probably time for me to shower. I know--it's gross that I haven't done that yet but once I start blogging for Life there's no stopping me.
Alrighty seriously I'm craving a shower. AND I'm getting together with the girls tonight at Pesto. Love girls night! Happy Monday.....

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