Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Lonely Wife

Howdy Folks. How do you do? It's about time for me to hit the hay but I thought I'd say a quick hello. Nothing interesting has been happening in my life these days. I come home, sit on the sofa and watch TV. I may enhance my evening by having a glass (or 2) of wine. That's about as exciting as it gets. Scott's in his relay at work so I'm the lonely wife. OVER IT. I've said it many times on this blog before, I always have my moment where I'm totally tired of it and I reach my boiling point. I always call Mom and Dad crying. It happened today. There's always a day--today was it. Scott did make a good point though. He said 'at least it makes you sad.' Quite true. I may potentially be worried if it made me happy that I never saw my husband. I just get lonely. Plain and simple. I'm thinking about driving to LR tomorrow to spend some time with my family so that I can have company. I know New Years is this weekend but do you think that matters in the Johnson household? Not a bit. My Dad told me that just today he told my mom 'Scott is one driven individual.' You do gotta respect the guy. He works his butt off. And provides me a nonstressful/carefree life. Other than the lonely periods of course. Whadya do? It's the life I've chosen. I knew when I started dating him he was very career driven. And that's one of the things I love the most about him. It's very sexy ;)
Anywho wah wah. Cry baby. I think whenever Scott and I make the decision to have children it'll be much better. I'll have a little nuget to keep me company and consume my time. I'm totally the momma/housewife type. It's all I've wanted to be my whole life. I'll be good to go. It won't be for at least 2 years so stop asking people!! We have to have a newly built (by the father-in-law...yay that's his holla) bigger home. Our house is so teeny. We'd have to replace the wine fridge for a high chair. Which obviously disturbs me. Which obviously means it's not time. But I do look forward to the time that it is time for that time! (confuse ya just now?)
Bed time. Nighty night

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