Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Gobers

My parents best friends, Alan and Dewana Gober, were in a horrible car wreck earlier this evening. We still don't know a lot other than Dewana is A-Ok with the exception of horrible back pain. Alan is much worse off. He was thrown from the car and apparently trapped under it. He has a punctured lung, broken shoulder and a huge gash across his forehead. He's being transported to either Little Rock or Pine Bluff. We're still not sure. I keep waiting on phone updates from Mom. I will post updates as I hear them. Please keep them in your prayers. I'm amazed by God's grace that they will be okay. Praise Him! It's truly a miracle.

UPDATE: Alan is at UAMS. A lot more injuries than originally thought. Mom talked to Dewana. Mom and Dad are headed to UAMS right now.

UPDATE: Mom and Dad stayed at UAMS until around 2 last night. They were able to speak to Alan. He has a broken hip, broken ribs, torn spleen and punctured lung. He was conscience while he was being thrown from the car. He was thrown from the window. Once the car stopped rolling, the axel was on Alan's head. The road to recovery will be long. He is incredibly lucky.

UPDATE: Alan is in surgery now for his hip. Mom & Dad are at the hospital waiting...

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