Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello Friends! Happy New Year. The end of 2010 and begining of 2011 has been a bit crazy! I stayed in NWA to celebrate New Years with Scott. He actually did take off a few hours to take me on a date and it was desperately needed. We had a very nice time. I woke up the next morning and immediately headed to Little Rock. I drove straight to UAMS. Ol' Al is doing incredible! I told him he looks so great! I expected him to have a black and blue face with scratches all over it and a blown up swollen head. He looks very normal other than a few scrips and scrapes. It is just a miracle beyond belief. The poor guy has broken nearly every bone in his body. I told Mom I wonder if there's anywhere on him that doesn't hurt! Even his eyelids have stitches. The doctor said that in cases like these, you can continue to find problems for up to three weeks!!! So far, he has: 7 broken ribs, punctured lung, broken hip, broken fibula, broken shoulder, torn spleen and lot's of stitches. Hopefully they won't discover anything else.... Well, Mom just came in my room and told me Alan has to have another surgery today for his fibula. I'll update more on that as I learn more.
Sooooo, after another visit or two at the hospital, I'll be heading back up to NWA today. Supposedly this is Scott's last week of 17 hour work days. Of course, the office always says that and it ends up being a whole other week but I'll be in Vegas next week so I guess it won't really affect me that much! Just poor ol' Scotty.
I did make resolutions but you'll have to read my Life blog because I don't feel like typing them again. I was wanting to do a top 10 in 2010 post with pictures but I got a little distracted with all that's happened. So I'll just do a list.

1.) Getting more plugged in at church
2.) Taking a trip to Mexico
3.) Another wonderful year with sweet Holly
4.) A fun birthday in Memphis
5.) Another fun summer on the lake where Landon was able to be there the entire time
6.) Great Razorback football season
7.) Another beach trip--Dominican Republic style
8.) Scott got a work promotion within just 9 months of being at the company
9.) I lived a healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating right
10.) I kept my 2010 resolution.

I don't think I shared my 2010 resolution with you guys. It was a similar style to my 2011 resolution. I came to realize that all I needed in life were people who mean as much to me as I mean to them equally. There are very few people who would walk on fire for you because you would do it for them. And realizing who they are made me appreciate them more. It also led to a lot less disappointment for me when I would do something for someone and wonder why a similar situation or feeling would never be recriprocated. It's okay to have people in your life who wouldn't walk on fire for you, but if you know they wouldn't for you, then don't for them. And you'll just feel better about the whole thing! So that was my resolution and I totally stuck to it with maybe only a few slips in the beginning. It was great because it led to no hurt feelings and disappointment from anyone.
Alright, I better get dressed and get my day started. Happy Monday everyone!

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