Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vaca Ready

Well, I'm sad we lost last night. It was a really great game though. The first half was snorefest. The 2nd was-- sitting on the edge of your sofa-- exciting! Hopefully we'll get to go back to another BCS bowl next year!!
I'm on call at work today. I'm really tempted to crawl back into my bed. Holly is currently snuggled under my sheets and she looks very comfy.
I'm SO READY for my Vegas vacation next week. I'm leaving Tuesday and coming back Sunday. Then, the next Sunday after that I'm headed to Colorado. Ahh! Just how life should be.
The bad thing about me going on vacations is I always want a new wardrobe for them. Scott does not like me for this. Luckily, everything is on sale right now for a ridiculously low price.

For those of you who know the Gobers and would like an update: Alan had surgery on his leg yesterday. It was the worst day he's had so far--lots of pain. He has to have another surgery for his eye. The socket is sinking or something like that.... I don't know, I'm not pre-med. I'm not sure when that surgery will be. Possibly today. The great thing about the Gobers is they haven't lost their sense of humor. If you know them at all, they're all quite the comedians. When I was in the hospital, we were laughing out loud basically the entire time. They're such great folks! I love them all dearly. On Sunday the doctors were thinking Alan would be able to go home on Friday. Then, all of these problems started popping up so it's looking like that definitely won't be happening. Remember I said that they could find problems for up to three weeks. Let's say a prayer that this will be Alan's last surgery.
Happy Humpday!

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