Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Productive Rockstar

Yesterday I was a rockstar. I woke up with a burst of energy just exploding to get anything and everything done. I love those days as they are few and far between. I started by making a yummy soup for lunch. Then, I dusted and cleaned the kitchen sink. Then, I had to run some t-shirts to Shiloh for Image One. After that I did a little Christmas shopping for the folks. Followed by Target for gift wrapping options. (since when did wrapping paper and bows cost a small fortune?) Since I was in Fayetteville, a pop in Masons was a necessity. I saw many things I liked but was a good girl and purchased nothing. I did a little Sams run to stock up on some vino. Then I headed back up to Bentonville but made a pit stop at Fuse for a little 3 mile run on the treadmill. (trying to work my way back up to 6 miles again) After Fuse I went to Walmart, came home, cooked a yummy meal, then continued my cleaning. I cleaned EVERYTHING. Well, okay not the ceiling fans but everything else. My house sparkles and I LOVE that. 2 hours later, I worked on Christmas projects followed by bedtime. See. Productive.
Today, I've been slightly productive. I have a Christmas project that I'm working on for the rents. It's quite time consuming. Obviously I cannot reveal my present but I totally will share the day after Christmas.
Ooookay. I guess I need to get off here and continue with the productiveness. Have a good one fellow readers.

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