Sunday, December 12, 2010


State football went great. FREEZING but great. My day started out fab because I went to Fellowship Little Rock. Dang yall, Kim can siiiiiing. Goosebumps all over. Normally I'm that girl at church who sings so loudly I probably annoy the people around me. Not at Fellowship. I'm nearly mute because I just want to hear her. She works for my parents now and after church was over Kyle said he went up to her and said 'Dang girl you're gonna have to start singing around the office.' If you've never heard her, you're truly missing out on one of the greatest pleasures in life. She's AHHmazing.
They sang Christmas songs at church today which inspired me to make a Christmas playlist on my iphone. I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty proud of it. I kinda want to make copies so all of my friends and family can enjoy it. I listed to it the whole way back home today and LOVED.
Speaking of coming home, I had to get gas so I stopped at my favorite exit--Atkins--to fill up. As I'm getting my gas this truck pulls up beside me with, ready for it, a momma, daddy, and 4 baby shih tzu puppies IN THE BACK OF THE TRUCK. I immediately marched myself over there to tell the (WT) people that it was entirely too cold for the dogs to be in the back of the truck since it's 24 degrees outside not including the wind chill. 'Aw they fine' they said. '!' I replied. 'They're shaking.' UGH I wanted to freak out on them. I kept saying over and over 'it's too cold for them to be riding back there.' They didn't care. Then they preceded to try to sell them to me. Mom, Dad, and babies who, by the way, were ADORABLE...all for sell. I totally would take them but Holly would get very sad if a new dog came around. She would feel like she's being replaced. So I'm out. So I call my father-in-law, who has expressed interest in getting a shih tzu, and sprung the idea of getting a puppy for Christmas on him. He said he'd love to but no. Meanwhile, my dog is curiously starring out the window, whilst wearing her sweater as it's freaking cold outside. It killed me. I prayed that God would just wrap a blanket around the little guys while they were so cruelly being toted around in the back of a truck in the dead of winter by abusive people who only saw them with dollar signs in their eyes. It wasn't until I had already gotten back on the interstate that it dawned on me I should have bought them all and found them great homes. Then that made me feel even more sad/guilty that the thought hadn't occurred earlier. Hopefully, the cuties will get amazing homes and far away from those people.
Sorry to depress you. I cried if it makes you feel better. Alright, time to snuggle with my little girl who, I kept telling her the rest of the ride up, is a very lucky, spoiled, and loved puppy. As they all should be.

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