Friday, January 21, 2011


What's everyones weekend plans? I'm unsure about mine. I have a coupon for a free Bang Bang.....I think we should use it tonight! I've got some errands to run today for our trip that we leave for on Sunday!! Woo Hooo I'm so excited. Scott is getting really excited too and I'm glad. I could tell when we first booked it that he wasnt super into it. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for not thinking Scott needs to take lessons. I never took lessons and I'm a great skier. No need to waste that time and money when I can tell him to keep his skis parallel and head downward myself right? He'll be fine without them.
We decided to get each other gifts this year. We always do birthday gifts but never for the other big holidays. We were talking about our gifts last night and I said "I'm sure you'll just get me a massage or something" and he was like "Nu Uh!!! Not anymore...." Typical. I think its safe to say Scott is always predictable when it comes to gift giving. So I asked him if I should email him a gift wish list and he was like "NO! I've got this." (how much should we bet he still goes with the massage)
Who is totally loving Sex and the City being on E! now? Me!!! Who else gets so annoyed when girls on facebook talk about how much they love the show & brag about how often they watch it but call it Sex IN the City. That bugs me so bad.
Alright I guess I should get ready for errand shopping. Have a great weekend folks! Until next time...

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