Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ready For Vegas

I'm off to Vegas ladies and gentlemen! I'm so excited. I'm definitely bummed that Scott can't go (he's working of course) but I always have fun when I go on a vacation with the parents! Dad and I have been discussing food. As foodies, we find that's probably the most important thing to worry about. I have three restaurants I really, really want to hit: Beso, Olives, and TAO. Other than that, I'm chill with whatever. Dad wants to eat at Delmonico Steakhouse. I've not been there yet so that would be fun. We may eat there tonight.
Did ya'll see on my Life blog yesterday that Joy Behar is judging Miss America? Lord help us. I can see her making me extremely uncomfortable in an interview. Not because of her politics but because she always laughs at people. I can see her making a sarcastic comment and totally throwing me off because I can't stand sarcastic people. Then I'd cry because she laughed and made fun of me. Glad I'm not competing. I also didn't envy the Miss America contestants last year. Rush Limbaugh was a judge. SCARY. He would make me shake in my Manolo's if he asked me a political question.
The snow in Little Rock has been so enjoyable. Dad and I were 1 of 10 people who ventured out yesterday. We had lunch at Ya Ya's then went to Bedford to get some new gadgets for my camera. A little stop at Kroger for some groceries and 4 hours later we made it back home. Dad CANNOT stand to just sit around and do nothing. Mom told him yesterday 'you would make a horrible prisoner' and Dad said 'I feel like I am in prison!' Oh goodness...
Alright well, I guess I'm going to hop off here and get moving for MA/Vegas. Talk to you soon!

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