Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vaca Low Down/3 Exciting Things

Greetings from snowyness! How's Arkansas been treatin ya? Colorado has been fab. Some really exciting things have happened today. I don't know if I should start with the fact that Scott, who has never skied in his life before, conquered blues with me today, or the fact that I'm such a rockstar and dominated a black, OR the fact that when we got back in the room Scott had a missed call from his boss informing him he just got promoted! We'll start with that first.
SAY WHAT!? Scott was like 'wow that's cool I don't even have to interview for it.' He's a balla. His official title is Team Category Manager. Yeah pretty sure he has to be one of, if not many years, youngest person in the whole vender world with that title. So proud of him!!! He took over his bosses job. Neat-O, Mosquito.
Now let's talk about me! I'm not trying to sound totally cocky but I'm like, the best skier ever. I've been wanting to try some blacks because I feel super comfortable on the blues so for the last run today I went for it and it was so awesome!!!! Scott watched from uphill then went down a different slope. He said at first I was going sooooo slow but then about 20 seconds in got some nerves and just went for it. I'm ridiculously proud/excited. Go Me!
Okay back to Scott. I'm so proud of him at how well he's progressed. The first day was miserable. It took us like a zillion years to get down a 20 minutes slope. He was super irritated and I was super irritated back. It wasn't cute. After he walked down to the base we decided he should get himself some lessons. So he spent the last half of the day and all day yesterday with that. (We took Tuesday off) His ski instructor let me come with them the last half of yesterday since I had been skiing all by my lonesome the whole time. He was super nice and even gave me some tips for 'advanced' skiers. He said it not me!
So today Scott and I skied together for the first time since Miserable Monday and it was so great! I'm so proud of him. It's obviously a significant difference if he's able to handle blues! Everyone told me he needed to take lessons and I was so against the time and money. Unless you're 12 then I guess you should take them. It really is worth it and helps you enjoy your vaca more. Scott said he's attempting a black with me tomorrow. Honestly, I think he can handle it. At first I could tell he was totally not into this trip and now he's like 'if we were here just one more day I bet I could get really awesome.'
Other than skiing we've enjoyed yummy food and relaxing in our room. Some nights we come in and crash but others we've gone out on the town. We saw No Strings Attached--So cute. For our anniversary dinner we ate at the most fabulous French restaurant called Soupcon. It was amazingly delish...comparable to something Vegas or NYC would offer you which is surprising it's in such a tiny little town. We've done pizza one night, tapas & leftovers with all of the above (sometimes it's nice to just stay in). For lunch we've done mexican, burgers, & homemade sandwiches...with Sara Lee bread of course. Tonight Scott wants sushi and I agree that is sounds perfect. Of course with a side of champagne too. We've got lots to celebrate tonight!!!

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