Sunday, January 30, 2011


Welp. I'm back! To sum it up the vacation was great. I always enjoy myself when I ski (especially when I'm like, the best person on the mountain) but this was especially fun having the hubby there. It was a very different experience than my Crested Butte ones before. Usually we stay in Jax's cabin, eat in and hang. This time Scott and I ate out for almost every meal which was nice since I hadn't really experienced the CB food before even though this was my 3rd visit! For a town with a population of 1300, they sure do have some incredible food. If you're going to CB ask me where to eat. Scott, of course, did tons of research and I'm pretty sure we hit up the number one spots.

Something that didn't make me happy....American Airlines. I'm sure you've realized that already given the text to the right. First of all, I think it's ridiculous that airlines charge people to bring clothes so they won't be naked on a vacation. That just makes me mad. If it's that important to them just add the charge into the ticket so I won't notice it. Every time I head out for a vaca I start out irritated because of the luggage charge. Scott and I usually manage to pack one bag but given the bulkyness of the clothes for this trip, we were forced to take two. That means we spent 100 wasteful dollars. Annoying!!! Then, we get back home and AA manages to lose it! The nerve!!!! Luckily, I ALWAYS pack a little carry-on because this marks the 3rd time for luggage lossage. Take it from me, it's totally worth it to take a carry-on when flying. This is what you should put in it from an expert luggage loser.

This is my exact bag y'all! You need a lil somethin that looks like this and here is what should go in it for just in case purposes. 1.) Makeup bag. This is essential. Trust me. 2.) Toothbrush. 3.) A pair of panties (this is essential too as I had none once, had to stay overnight, and hand wash mine with a cheap bar of soap. Gross). 4.) Curling Iron. 5.) Razor. 6.) A little t-shirt to sleep in. In case you have to stay in a nasty cheap hotel that the airline provides. 7.) Socks...if it's winter. 8.) Bikini...if you're headed to the beach. 9.) Computer...but that's just's half the reason I take my little purple guy. 10.) Shampoo & Conditioner. You know how those hotel shampoo's can be.

Anyways, I wasn't too bummed about the disappearing luggage because I had my main essentials when I got home--Makeup and Curling Iron. Scott intends on writing a letter to AA demanding a refund. I agree....of course.

Also, for your pure enjoyment.....if you're ever bored you should definitely check out @AmericanAir's @ mentions on Twitter. It is freaking hysterical because everyone if maaaaaaad at them. My favorite angry tweet simply said @American Air #fail #fail #fail #fail #fail #fail #fail #fail. I LOL. On another note, all of @SouthwestAir @ mentions are positive. Interesting.

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