Monday, January 31, 2011

OWL Get Rid of My Shirts Now

Scott started his new job today. He has to start interviews soon because he's a boss now. Haha. That just makes me laugh. Someone is going to ask him for vacation days and pay raises. He's 26! I would think it would be hard to be a boss especially when the person you're the boss of is way older than you. I have no doubt he'll be great at it!
I'm super excited about the snow day I'm most likely going to have tomorrow. It's just SO HARD to go back to work after a vaca. I love that my iphone says chances of snow--100%. When I lived in ElDo you couldn't get excited about a possible snow day because it probably wasn't going to happen. In NWA when they say it's going to happen, it's always going to happen. I need to go to Walmart and stock up. I'm a little worried the power may go out because we're supposed to get ice. I hope not. That's no fun.
I was doing a little cleaning and organizing yesterday. I've decided it's time to put up those function shirts and make room for vacation/marathon/razorback t-shirts. I'm going to have a blanket made out of them! I counted my shirts.....46!!!!! Forty Six Function Shirts! Sheesh. Of course that was my wardrobe freshman year in college. I didn't know anything but a function shirt existed in the fashion world. I think a little blanket will be great to have. I asked Scott if he wanted me to do the same with his but he's just not quite ready to part with them yet. He said his 'son may want to wear them.' Yeah, I'm thinking exactly what you're thinking....
Alright.... As embarrassing as it is for me to admit this at 12:20 PM, I better hop in the shower and get dressed.

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