Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Who just finished watching Oprah? Yeah.....pretty sure I'm not going to have an appetite for meat for a while. I've always said that I'm surprised I'm not a vegetarian given how much I love animals. Today's Oprah was on living a vegan lifestyle. I'm not sure I could go all vegan but I definitely don't see myself needing to eat meat with every meal anymore. Tonight, for example, the meal plan was the same as every night. I've told you before that Scott and I only eat chicken or fish with grilled, steamed, or sauteed veggies and/or salad for dinner. Occasionally we'll do fajitas. We just don't eat heavy dinners or carbs at night. We've been that way since we've known each other. I feel as if it's not only healthy but helps keep weight off. Anyways, we were going to have chicken tenderloins tonight. Pretty sure Scott can have an extra helping of those because I'll only be indulging in salad and sauteed vegetables. My cousin read some book about how they kill animals for us to eat and it disgusted her so much that she's totally given up meat. TOTALLY over night. I better not read that book or it'll probably just do me in.
Today's snow day has been good. I haven't gotten cabin fever yet but I'm pretty sure it will hit me hard tomorrow. Everything is already shut down for tomorrow. Scott's been working from home. He got some award at work today. The Star of Excellence Award for Positive Energy. Hahahaha. Not surprising. He's always happy. A little too much sometimes.
I think Scott may be done with work now so we're gonna hang. We've declared tonight movie and wine night. I'm pretty excited about it.

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