Friday, February 4, 2011

Just A Little Bit Of Everything On My Mind Right Now

What is going on yall? I've just got to get out of my snuggly bed and shower up but this snow has given me a little infection called LAZY. I just don't wanna be productive. Except that the McAlisters half/half is calling my name so I'm really anxious to get moving. I'm going to eat there for lunch today and I'm doing some major indulging. Chicken tortilla soup + chicken fijita spud!!! I NEVER allow myself to enjoy a spud but I'm slightly hung over today which means I just don't care what I eat. If I were in college I'd hit up Slim Chickens but I'm not anymore (sigh) so I won't do that. Why am I hung over? I just dunno. Actually I do know. It's because I went to Ruth's Chris happy hour with Braclyn last night and had 3 martini's. Head. Hurting. Bad. Okay and I came home and had some wine while I watched Grey's Anatomy. I KNOW!!! What's wrong with me. Geez.
I just status updated this on Facebook but I'm gonna say it on here too. It bugs so bad when people say Tex AR Kana. Like it's 3 words. It's not TexARkana it's TexERkana. Get it right. It also bugs so bad when I tell people I'm from El Dorado and they're like 'that's right by TexARkana right?' No. That's not right. It's an hour and a half away. I just don't get it yall. I know where everywhere in Arkansas is. Nobody in my neck of the woods does. It's more than irritating to me. Scott says 'just let it go!!!!!' Okay I'll try but it really, really bugs.
You know what else bugs? When people's facebook status updates are music lyrics. UGH. That's all some people update and I just go ahead and click that big X next to their name. I don't care if you'd catch a grenade for your boyfriend. I'm sorry but I don't. Put a picture of your dog or baby as your update and I'm way more likely to give it a thumbs up.
Speaking of Facebook, I sent Eduerdo Saverin a friend request. You know, he's the guy Mark Zuckerberg screwed over. I sent Mark Zuckerberg a facebook message about an idea of mine but he never responded. RUDE! Yes I'm that person.
How is it that Jennifer Aniston is 42 and makes me feel bad about myself? Her body is crazy and so is her hair. How can someone who's 42 look better than someone who's 25? I'm not okay with it.
Okay I guess I'm gonna get showered up now. UGH. The thought of putting on makeup seems so miserable. TGIF!

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