Friday, February 4, 2011

Twenty One Questions

I'm going to do one of these random question/answer things because I'm bored.

1.) Who was your favorite teacher? Nobody really stands out. I really liked my algebra teacher in high school but I can't remember her name! What was her name Syd? You took that class with me. Mr. Strange was cool. I liked Mrs. Post too. Mrs. Jerry in the 1st grade was fun. I liked my English teacher my junior year but I forget her name too!!!

2.) What are your two favorite careers? I got paid when I was Miss Teen Arkansas. That was a pretty awesome job. I like my current job now...

3.) What is the hardest things you've had to do? Hmm....I got bullied really badly in junior high and a little bit in high school....that's never easy.

4.) When was the last time you lied? To whom and why? Probably to Scott about the price of something I bought. Oops!

5.) Tell me about something you really regret. Hrm. I've done some pretty embarrassing things in my life but it's alright. Best way to learn right?

6.) Favorite book? Eat Pray Love was a book that really made me think about living life fully. I guess I could say it's been one of my favorite books.

7.) Who do you envy? Victorias Secret models.

8.) Something great you achieved. I get excited about achieving little things like doing a good job cleaning my house, making a yummy meal, or running lots of miles.

9.) What was your worst punishment when you were a child? I never got in trouble growing up because I was a really good kid. I made a B in science one time though and my mom took super mario brothers away from me. Sixth grade....still remember it.

10.) Tell me about your first kiss. It was in the 9th grade during Musicfest on the square in El Dorado and I thought it was the nastiest thing I ever experienced in my life and I couldn't wait to get home and brush my teeth. To this day--not loving a french kiss.

11.) Who is someone you really admire? Scott. He's such a hard worker, he's always positive and happy and just really has it together. He's my hero.

12.) What country would you most like to visit? I'm really wanting to go to Italy for a few weeks. Scott and I almost went for our anniversary trip this year but we decided to go when the weather is nicer and when we can afford to stay longer. Maybe I'll get to go soon!!!

13.) Favorite song? Favorite Movie? Favorite movie hands down--Forrest Gump. I love so many songs it would be hard to narrow down. Right now I'm really loving the Peas The Time/Dirty Bit. It gets me groovin.

14.) Something you would happily do again? My wedding day!! Best. Day. Ever.

15.) Five favorite foods? Mexican, Turkey and Dressing, French Fries, Anything from McAlisters and Chocolate

16.) What would be the hardest thing for you to give up? Chocolate. I'm really starting to worry that I'm addicted to it.

17.) What scares you most? Birds, Fish, Garbage Disposals.

18.) What makes you bored? When Scott works at home and I'm just sitting on the sofa with nothing to do.

19.) Do you dream? I dream every night and I always remember my dreams. Sometimes I google what they may mean. I'm very into it.

20.) What is something you really care about? I really care about my little doodlebug, Holly. Of course she's more like someone but I haven't talked about her in a while so I thought I'd mention how precious she is and remind everyone how much I love her.

21.) Do you want kids? Of course!! I just don't know when. I'm very bipolar about it. When I have kids I want 3 and it would be more than ideal to have a little girl first followed by two boys. Perfection. Scott only wants 2 kids. We'll see who wins.

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