Monday, February 7, 2011


How's everybody's Monday going so far? Mine is so so. I haven't done much. I slept in really late because it must'v been 3 am before I fell asleep. I got in my bed around 10ish to watch Glee. Then caught Oceans Eleven on TV followed by Pretty Woman. Yeah it's frustrating. I don't understand why my head just can't fall asleep at a decent hour. My Mom and Grammy both have sleeping troubles and I'm so terrified I'm falling into that myself. I definitely think if I had a king sized bed to sleep in that would help. I just can't sleep (comfortably) in the same bed with someone. Even 7 pound Holly gets in my way. Of course she does manage to sleep curled by my neck and I breath her hair up my nose so that's probably the reason for her bed buggin. She is my favorite cuddle partner though! So snoft and snuggly.
Anyone ever own a Dell? What do you think about it? I have a Dell laptop (typing on it right now). Scott and I got it while we were engaged. I had a Mac Desktop in college but didn't have anywhere in my apartment in Memphis to put it. Since Scott had a work computer he let me use his laptop. Then, it died so we went in together and bought a new one. Well, this one is a ticking time bomb waiting to go out on me too. This little booger won't charge. I thought maybe something was wrong with our charger but I got a new one and that's not the problem. I have to sit on the sofa with it plugged into the wall just to use it. I was telling Brad and Jaclyn about it this past weekend and Brad said the exact same thing happened to his computer. SAME EXACT thing is what went wrong with Scott's college laptop. All of our computers have lasted us about 4 years which makes us you think Dell does it on purpose? I can't even unplug it for a second. I try to take it to my bedroom and I RUN in there and try to get it plugged up in time and bing, it goes dead. Then I have to hit the GO button again and it's like 'battery critically low hit F1 to continue.' There's no way the battery can be critically low it's been plugged in 24/7 for a good 2 months now. Problem is, Scott and I really want a Mac Desktop but we don't have a place to put it in our house now so we're trying to wait until we build a house to get a new computer. I just know this little guy is eventually going to go kaput on me at anytime now. I'm very bummed. Anywho. If this happened to your Dell laptop too you are not alone.
A lot of people ask Scott and I when we're going to start building our house. It will probably be around this time next year that we start. We're excited about the future process! We already have ideas of what we want and how we want to build it. My father-in-law is a great contractor with excellent taste so I'm glad he'll be the one building for us! Pretty soon we'll have to start thinking about a lot and house plan. Craziness. I'm definitely ready. I really do love my little home now but it's getting a little cramped. I won't be sad to move out. Getting away from the Walmart traffic alone is going to make me happy.
Okay folks. I'm in the mood to go shopping at Masons. I know it's only 30 minutes away from me but I never go. I've become one of those classic NWA people who is like 'Fayetteville is just so far away from Bentonville.' I hope I come back with some fabulous goodies. Wish me luck!

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