Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gifting--My Love Language

Brrr. It's ridiculously cold in my house right now. I'm on my lunch break and let me tell ya, I've never been more happy to be here. I just had the privilege of cutting the hair of the craziest lady in Northwest Arkansas. Not like 'girl you so crazy!!!' More like 'I'm pretty sure you have probably been institutionalized at some point in your life before.' Wow. I informed our manager I will never cut her hair again. If they even try to put her on my books a note will pop up saying 'HELL TO THE NO.'

Valentines day is just around the corner and I made Scott a list (with pictures) of Valentine Gift Ideas. Some people may find that incredibly inappropriate of me...but it's not and I'll tell you why. Scott didn't get me an anniversary gift. He (just like I said he would) told me my gift could be a massage at the spa in Crested Butte. Since I work at a spa and can get massages for free, spending $105 on a massage just seemed painful. If he had gone on ahead and gotten me a giftcard to open....after he opened his beautifully wrapped gifts... then that'd be one thing but he didn't so I didn't get a present. Even though he got like, 6 from me but who's counting.
While my husband is perfect he's just not a gift giver. I honestly think he's got so much going on at work he just doesn't think about it. This doesn't work for me because that's my love language. "The most annoying one" Scott says. Uhh...I could think of a different love language that I think half of the population could agree is way more annoying. Moving on...
Gift giving is my thing. I love it and I always try to be super thoughtful. For my parents Christmas gift this year, I took it upon myself to spend oh, a good 100 hours transferring ALL of our old home video's onto DVD's. It took forever but I didn't mind because I knew they would love it. In fact just this week I got a sweet little card in the mail from my Mom telling me how much she loves the gift and enjoys watching the old videos and how much she appreciates it. (Sweet Mom!!)
To me, a gift is how you show somebody you love them. If I get you a gift and you don't get me one in return....woah. It's a super sad day for me and you just majorly hurt my feelings. Anywho, Scott better not forget to get me a little Valentine present or I just might cry.

My shopping trip was kinda successful yesterday. I went to Mason's and got these cuties! Love!! Along with a little white Velvet tanktop perfect for layering.

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