Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Brought Colorado Back With Me

So I hear it's snowing? I love snow. I really do. But I've gotta admit the lake/boat is calling my name BIG TIME. Snow days aren't very exciting for the Johnson clan. This is what usually happens when a snow day hits our house. This snowy window in front of my bathtub gives me the perfect reason to run a hot bath, along with bubbles and maybe even a glass of wine. back porch. WOAH!
Scott spends his snow day working of course. Boo for work laptops!
I usually take the opportunity to majorly clean my house....
I'm always prepared to eat yummy lunches even if the power goes out. Mmm...chicken salad and salsa! Delicious!
Ahhh! My adorable little nightlight. It's a smore & a snowman! Couldn't you die!
And last but not least, snow days lead to boredom which usually leads to snacking. My least favorite thing about snow days....oh and also 40/29 feeling the need to interrupt my favorite morning programs just to mention over and over how much snow we have.

Okay well, After spending 3 hours doing an incredibly good job of cleaning my house and getting laundry done...and by that I mean even hand washing those sweaters that have been in the laundry basket for weeks, I think it's time for me to kick back and relax. I'm super excited because Modern Family comes on tonight which is the best show on television right now. And I'm pretty excited about Mr. Sunshine premiering tonight because well....I love Chandler Bing.

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