Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome to My House!

I really love it when people put pictures of their home on their blogs or facebook. I think it's really interesting to see people's decorating styles. Also, it's neat to know where people cozy up after a long day at work or where they spend their weekends entertaining guests...or themselves for that matter. This is the little place I call home. It's a craftsman style home in Bentonville and it's the perfect space for the hubby and myself! Shall we start with mine and Scott's bedroom first? Here she is! I may have gotten in a little bit of trouble when I came home with that horse painting but I didn't care because I'm OBSESSED with it. The painting and furniture came from Lighting Emporium. Bedspread is from IO Metro and the curtains and big mirror are from Pier 1.
Right off our bedroom is the bathroom Scott and I share. If you look through the mirror you can see the walk-in shower and a little bit of my bathtub. I treasure my tub and use her almost nightly. Every girl should have a big bath with jets right?!! I tried to be very Pottery Barn in the bathroom with serene, clean white lines except decided to give it a pop of color with that canvas!
This is guest bedroom #1 or as Scott and I call it--The Memphis Room. It's called the Memphis Room because the only artwork decorating all of the walls are posters from the Memphis In May music festivals we've been too. I love the posters because they're so colorful and are also a fun memory. We'll get to add another poster to the collection this year but I think I may have to wait until the next house to hang it because I've run out of room to put them! That bedspread is from IO Metro and that dresser--well I've had that since 7th grade.
Guest room #2 also known as the green room. Bedspread and curtains both from Dillards. Painting--Lighting Emporium.
This is my kitchen. She's everything I was looking for. Cream cabinets, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Good thing I have a really big pantry right!?
This is where Scott and I dine! Correction. We eat on the sofa while we watch TV. However, when we have company or it's a special occasion, we pull out the chairs and dine here. Table and chairs--Lighting Emporium.
Guest bath! Again trying to go with the Pottery Barn feel. I got that shower curtain at Target. I truly believe they have the best shower curtains to choose from and they're super cheap!
Last but not least, here's the place I spend most of my time! I sit on the right side of the sofa with my legs curled under me and watch all of the shows I love! Everything in this room came from Lighting Emporium except for the little coffee table and floral chair. Those came from Pier 1. Oh and my curtains are from MGrace.

So that's my crib! I'm CRAVING a new sofa. That was Scott's from college. When we merged furniture we flipped a coin over my beautiful yellow linen sofa, and this guy. He won. It's a nice sofa and all but I'm very ready to get a new one. I'm trying to just wait it out until we build our house. So now you know where I hang! I find her very warm and cozy and enjoy spending my life here very much....for now :) As you can see, most of the stuff I have is from Lighting Emporium. If you've never been there you're majorly missing out. Even my Mom, who lives in Little Rock, has decorated her home with many pieces from Lighting Emporium. It's worth the drive! :)

Enjoy Snow Day #2!

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