Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'll Be There For Youuuuu

Hmmm....what do I have to talk about? Nothing. But I think of this little gem as my public diary and feel as if I should write in her every day. Or try to. I'm going to print all of these blogs off and turn them into a book so my grandkids can read it. I feel as if they're giggling right now....a zillion years down the road....reading that. They will call me Gammy. It's what Ryan Reynolds calls his grandmother in The Proposal (Betty her) and I feel as if it's a perfect grandma name for me. Because I have a Grammy, her daughter (My Mom) is Gamma so it's only appropriate that her daughter (ME!!) is Gammy! A mix between the two. Genius I know. Bring on the compliments of how cute that is.
Okay so since this is Wednesday talk I feel as if I should mention how much I love Modern Family. I've been into it from day one. I noticed the promo's before it aired and told Scott I just knew it was going be a funny show so we've been watching since the pilot. I'm beginning to worry I love it more than Friends. Let me give you a little background info on me and Friends. I'm the queen KING of Friends. I'm not even being dramatic about that. I win. I win at quoting, I win at the trivia game, I win when it comes to everything Friends. I mean, of course I have ALL of the Friends DVD's (I went to Walmart at midnight on Tuesdays to get them when they came out on DVD), know the episode names and quotes by heart, AND have even gone so far as to watch the episodes with commentating from Bright/Kauffman/Crane and know what they say in those too. Seriously, if I could go on a Who Wants to be a Billionaire--Friends Style-- I would win and I'm not even trying to kid you right now. Scott has become a major Friends fan since knowing me. It's kinda hard not to because we fall asleep to the DVD's every night. He can actually handle the trivia game and it's pretty sexy because he can keep up. Ahhh...a real man!
ANYWHO....enough already about how much I know about Friends and how nobody can beat me with the knowledge. The point in this was to let everyone know that I love Modern Family just as must almost like I love Friends. Modern Family makes me LOL and I love having a great show to look forward to on Wednesdays! If you're a Friends fan and you're not watching Modern Family you're missing out!!!

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