Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Day Of Love

My Valentines Day was wonderful! This marks the 5th Valentines Day with the best Valentine I could ever want! I got up and made breakfast for my special guy, laid around a bit then Scott called to say he couldn't make it home for lunch since we were going out to dinner. He needed to get in as much work as possible because he wasn't allowing himself to work when he got home like he usually does. So I asked him if he'd like for me to bring him a lunch. He said that would be great, so I put love and heart into making his lunch, even throwing in a little chocolate goodie. I found an adorable little sack with hearts all over it and thought that would be just too cute since it was Valentines Day after all. I texted him (at a traffic light...not while driving!!) to let him know I was 2 minutes away and when I pulled into the parking lot and handed him his lunch in his cute heart sack he said 'oh are you being serious with that? Just hand me the food that's in it I cannot walk into work with that sack. I love you though.' I was like 'but it's Valentines Day!!!' and he said 'I'm sorry, it would be way too embarassing.' RUDENESS!
He made up for it by giving me some of these...
....and not working when he got home but instead taking me out to dinner at the River Grille. It was YUM-O. I have to say my absolute favorite time with Scott is when we get dressed up and go eat a nice meal together. Not only do I get to enjoy good food and wine but I get to have great talks with my favorite person. It's something I treasure which is why I'm glad we do it every weekend usually.

Okay, although it's only 9:30, my workout wore me out today so it's time for me to hop in bed!!

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