Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Doctor Visit? I Don't Think So.

Evenin! Hope your day has been swell. Mines been alright except for the fact that my whole right leg is tingly and has been (off and on) for several days now. What in the world could be wrong with me now? I've told you all before that I'm ridiculously strange--medically and all. My right hip is achy, my leg from the knee down is numb, and the top of my right foot hurts. The leg/foot is worse when I'm driving and doesn't hurt at all when I'm running. I texted my Uncle Rex, who's a surgeon, and asked him what was up with me and he suggested I visit a doctor. I told Mom and Scott I don't want to go to the doctor because they never know what's wrong and I feel stupid. However I don't want to end up having to cut my leg off one day....ugh. What to do? Anyone ever heard of those symptoms? Send me a FB message if so.
I already feel awkward around Scotts doctor anyways. He's always in such a hurry (which I don't appreciate) to scootch me out of his office and get to his next patient. I don't care if he's "brilliant." I'm gonna need my doctor to take an interest in my life just a touch. My OBGYN is great about that. She always plans at least 3 minutes of chit chat with me into her schedule.
Also, this is so embarrassing and I can't believe I'm even admitting this, but I had a little mishap with Scotts doctor once. I had this wart that my freeze-away kit would not get rid of. Believe it or not that's not the embarrassing part. I finally had to visit Dr Sunshine and get him to take it off for me. But also, I had a huge lump on my breast that was bothering me and instead of making a separate appointment with my OBGYN, I just decided to let him check it out. So I told his nurse and she said no problem and gave me a robe to put on, then told me he'd be in, in a minute. So I'm literally in the process of taking my dress off when he WALKS IN!!! He said "umm, what's going on here I thought I was just taking a wart off your elbow." OMG I'm sweating right now just thinking about it. Talk about absolute humiliation. Really. Nothing can top that. I wanted to die. Apparently the nurse forgot to inform him about the additional work he'd be doing during our consultation. And of course the lump was nothing.
So that's really the main reason I'm refusing to go to the doctor. I'm humiliated to go back. I feel like Dr Speedy made time to pencil into my medical chart "weird girl that got undressed for a wart removal."

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