Friday, March 4, 2011

A Few Tidbits

~~It's late. Well.....10:30. Scott and I are laying in bed. I'm pooped from working late. I don't really want to go to bed because Ive been working all day and feel I should treat myself to a good movie or something. However, I'm a touch tired.
~~Something I'm grateful for? My ATTUverse movies. Some are free--older movies and some you can rent--new releases. I bet the folks at Uverse like Scott and I because we rent movies nearly every weekend! It's given me the opportunity to watch a lot of movies I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise.
~~I have to work again tomorrow. I was hoping to sell out so I wouldn't have to. Oh well. Maybe I'll sell out early.
~~I keep messing up. Last night, Scott and I grabbed a quick happy hour dinner at Bonefish because I had a coupon for a free Bang Bang. So we decided to be cheap and use that, share an entree, and get wine because wine at Bonefish is half off until 6:30! Well, not ALL wine apparently. Just the house wine. I was confused. Of course the wine Scott chose was a house wine. I ruined the purpose of being cheap. THEN, today I asked Scott if he wanted to share a $5 footlong from Subway for lunch. He said yes! Pick whatever, I'll leave the office in 10. So I went to Subway and loaded my yummy sub up with a little bit of everything they offer and when she rang me up she said "that will be $7." "For the $5 footlong?" I asked. "Turkey isnt included" she said, UGH. Of course the most popular choice isnt included. I told Scott when I got home and he said "you've just got to pay more attention babe." Ive felt stupid back to back.
~~Scott is bugging me to play with my iPad. Guess I'll hop off Patty. Night!

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