Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are These Shirts Mens Or Womens Sizes?

Sooo.....still at Rogers Heritage. In case you were wondering what's up with my titles.....well they're the questions I get asked all day when I work sporting events. It never ceases to blow my mind....the questions some of these people ask. Shesh! Why would you ask me if a T-shirt is a mans or womans size? Seriously what do you mean by that?! It's a T-shirt. T-shirts be unisex girlfriend. I also don't understand why people ask me if they can get the short sleeve shirt in a sweatshirt. Or a grey shirt on a black shirt. Does this look like American Appareal? It also blows my mind when people take 10 minutes deciding what size shirt they should get. How do you not know what size you are? Oh I could go all day telling you stories. My favorite today was the guy who walked up to the booth and said "OOHHH! Are these t-shirts?" I usually can't even bring myself to answer questions like that. Just picture a Chelsea Handler stare. Another boy said "Are these free?" Again, I bring out the Chelsea stare.
I'm not being rude. Promise. ANYBODY else who has worked these events gets all the way annoyed at people too. And it usually just takes them a good 15 minutes. I've been doing this since birth so you can imagine my "I've had enough with the stupidness" attitude. It honestly makes me LOL. You've just gotta find a sense of humor with it or you're likely to go crazy.
A lot of people think my Dad just prints t-shirts but that's actually a very small part of his business. I guess people think that because he always printed our high school homecoming shirts or fraternity/sorority function shirts. My Dad owns a marketing and advertising company. Anything that will help market your business--he does. He does marketing with many fortune 500 companies and works with people all over the world. He's become a really successful businessman. Partly because of his hard work but I think also because he's such a great guy. People enjoy working with him. I'm very proud! I realize more now as an adult how hard it is to not only open your own business but keep it strong for nearly 30 years. Of course I shouldn't leave out the fact that behind every great man is a greater woman right! My Mom can be quite the savvy business lady herself! Anyways, I get the question "what does your Dad do exactly?" quite frequently so I thought I'd just clear that up. If you're even more curious or need help marketing your business you can visit for more info. (I expect commission from any business you get from that Dad)
Oh Man, someone just interupted my blogging to ask me if that was all of the colors I have. No let me just step into my magic closet and whip you something up. Lordy. What's funny is sometimes I'm out shopping and I catch myself being THAT person. Never a good thing...

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