Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can I Get This Long Sleeve T-Shirt In A Short Sleeve?

I'm sitting at Rogers Heritage working the 7A basketball tournament. They have me set up on the second level overlooking the main entrance. I don't like it. The only thing keeping me from plummeting to the first level is a teeny tiny rail that my chair is pushed up against. I'm sure it's safe but I have this issue of imagining horrible things happening like, the rail snaps and then there I go, flying down to the bottom crushing every bone and possibly a person as well. It's just making me jittery. It's the same reason I won't sleep with my head against the window in an airplane. As soon as I close my eyes I have this image of the window popping out and I get sucked through it. I understand how ridiculous I sound but I can't help myself. My mind makes up these horrible scenarios and it's just plain terrible.
You know what else is terrible? I've been here since 11:30 and nobody has come to check on me to see if I need anything like, let's say, a bathroom break. It's 4:30 and I've had a whole huge cup of McAlisters tea since I've been here. I feel like Joey Tribbiani when he's auditioning for Leonard Hayes (Jeff Goldblum) and he's "bursting with YooHoo."
I'm also starving as Ive only had a teeny turkey sandwich today. People that are walking around with nachos, pizza, skittles, and popcorn are making me all the way jealous. I'm still on this little diet I've got going and guess what! I've gained a pound. Lovely. I always gain weight before losing when I up the ante on my runs and I know it's going to happen but I'm never okay with it. I swear I could be one of those ridiculously buff body builders. My body takes to muscle like Charlie Sheen to "winning."
Maybe Scott will come and visit me after he gets off work. Highly unlikely though. I could always try to lure him here by saying we could eat a free dinner in the hospitality room. He loves to save.
Alright well, I guess I'll get back to people watching.

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