Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Lots of Rambling

So what did you think about the Oscars? I always enjoy. My favorite speech was the director who won for The Kings Speech and thanked his mother for finding the script. AWW. All of the gowns were really beautiful this year right?! Everyone looked stunning. Check out the text to the right for my favs.
Lets talk about how amazing Jennifer Hudson is looking right now. Wow. I bet she feels so good. I gave out a little squeal of delight when she was announced to present because they played one of my favorite songs! I Love You I Do from Dreamgirls. It's very special to me and Scott because I surprised him at our wedding and sang it to him! Scott had no idea I was planning on doing that and he loved it! The song is just too perfect. I had to do it!!!

Photos via facebook friends :)

Hmmm....apparently Landon, who is in kindergarten, gets in trouble every day for talking too much. He most definitely gets that from yours truly. I got shushed a lot in school for talking too much. Sometimes there's just a lot to say....

I'm not sure what to do with myself today. I feel as if I should take advantage of my down time and tackle some major running miles. It sure does look pretty outside. I also need to catch up on my Shutterfly books. I love to make one for every trip Scott and I take. If you guys aren't using Shutterfly you should!!! It's so much better than in a big, thick photo album. I'm even thinking about creating a fun little wedding Shutterfly album. That could potentially take forever given there's like 2000 photos. I guess I don't have anything better to do though. Well actually, I may potentially have a job lined up. I know. That was easily fast huh! My boss (former boss) called me on Friday about this idea and she thinks I'd be the perfect person for it. I won't go into detail in case it doesn't work out but let's just say it's pretty awesome and I would still be doing hair. It's kinda perfect actually. I'll let you know more as I know more!

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