Monday, March 21, 2011

Green--and Sore--Thumb

Today marks my first day of feeling unemployed like a true housewife. I celebrated the occasion by getting my very first spray tan. You all know how much I love a tan. I cannot handle the way I look with pasty white skin. Now that spring has sprung I just can't take it anymore. I'm trying to go cold turkey on the beds so spray tan it is. I think I'm going to like the way it looks. The way I smell on the other hand is a totally different story. This is the downside of fake baking. You can smell it on someone a mile away. Ew. I guess it's better than skin cancer.
Yesterday I worked out my green thumb and planted some tulips. Dozens actually. I'm ridiculously excited as they're my favorite flower and oddly enough, it was my first time to plant them. I also dug up 4 HUGE rose bushes. Those things have been a thorn in my side since the day I moved in my house. First of all, they're planted in a super inappropriate spot. Secondly, the upkeep is ridiculous. I've never been a fan. I never thought I would be able to dig them up myself but I'd just had enough. So I chopped them down (with only 1 thorn getting stuck in my arm & a few pricks on my hands and legs) and got to diggin. About an hour or so later those annoying creatures laid in my yard with roots as long as a yard stick. You couldn't even begin to imagine how happy I made myself. I am woman hear me roar..... PS I was so sore from that today.
Most people would love to move into a home with red, pink, and peach roses always fresh on hand but not I. They're entirely too difficult to 'mother' and Japanese Beetles love the crap out of them. I'm also going to dig up a Crepe Myrtle that's in my backyard. The Japanes Beetles love it too & it's the oddest Crepe Myrtle I've ever seen. It's not a pretty tree with beautiful blooms. Its like a trush. It can't decide if it wants to be a tree or a bush. The new limbs grow at the bottom of the stem--not the top? I'm over it. It's just wrong. It's confused.
As if you haven't noticed, I like to garden. I take pride in the appearance of my yard. It brings me happiness. It's a lot of work but even if I am working I always make time for it. Scott and I are in the process of 'building' an outdoor area in our backyard. I'm so excited. We've picked out the stone we're going to use for the patio, the new furniture, and the most important element, (sarcasm) the iPod dock (Scotts really into that). We just have to get the guy to come out and start working on it. It was supposed to be tomorrow but of course it will be later this week. It's all Scotts fault but I won't divulge into what he did that had me give him the cold shoulder for a solid 5 minutes. It will get done. That's what I have to tell myself....
I'll post before and after pics when it's all finished! Heck I'll probably throw a little party so get ready NWA friends.

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