Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Celeb Talk

Allow me to indulge in my favorite topic--celebrities! I'm BFF with all of them....or at least I think I am. If they offered a degree in celebrity knowledge I'd be the best in my class and probably would've even gotten a PhD. The key to CORRECT knowledge is the right websites. You can only trust TMZ and People....with a slight trust in US Weekly.
Oooh! Just saw something on Gone With the Wind. Until Forrest Gump came along it won in my book as all time favorite movie. I grew up watching that movie. Seriously. Me and my friend Amy Davidson would 'play' it growing up. I could quote the entire 4 hour movie if you really wanted me to.
Moving along....
First, I learned something new about TMZ (the show) yesterday. Harvey totally started TMZ, also known as the CIA, all by his lonesome. AND, he's the hilarious person behind the funny voice that totally cracks me up. Never knew it. I always wondered who the funny dude was.
Second, Rachel Zoe went into labor!! I'm just so happy for her. Now it's Giuliana & Bills turn. Crossing my fingers for those two adorable folks. Third, Reese is supposedly getting married this weekend. I love her. She enjoys Tupperware and casseroles....a true southern gal.
Lastly for a quick roundup: XTina is a mess, Ashton is not worth following on Twitter, Ellen brightens my day with her show (and tweets) Oprah--i will morn you leaving me this fall. Chris Brown doesnt feel bad, Lindsey....you're a mess too, Charlie, well you're the biggest mess, 60 year old Kirstie Alley rocks on DWTS, Aniston, Ripa, Handler, DeGeneres & I should all go on a vaca together, and the Cyrus family....good for them.
Thats all...

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