Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Silly Girl

Yesterday I went on an accidental shopping spree. It started with needing to go to Target to purchase necessities. Before I knew it I ended up at the mall shopping at Banana Republic, buying towels at Pottery Barn, and getting a new blanket for my bed (I like something between the sheet and bedspread) at Dillards. Sometimes unexpected shopping spree's are the best.

I spent a lot of my day outside tending to my lawn. I let Holly come outside with me and play. Holly doesn't go outside much because she gets stinky. She was just at the groomer last Friday and is always such a smell good puppy when she gets back from there. I like to extend the smell goodness for as long as possible. That's the nice thing about having a dog go on a puppy pad. She always smells like roses and feels like silk! But I decided it had been nearly a week of house arrest (other than bye bye trips of course) so I let her enjoy one of her favorite hobbies....sniffing the entire street.
Of course she was a stinky girl and I had just cleaned my bed sheets and there's no way she was getting in my bed smelling like....a dog. So she got a bath last night.
Now, Holly doesn't normally sleep with me. She gets in her own bed around 9:30-10:00ish and then around 5-6 am she wakes up to winky tink then scratches on my bed for me to let her up and she snuggles in-between Scott and I until I get out of bed. Sometimes (backtracking) Holly wants to sleep with us all night but Mom does not get good sleep when Holly sleeps with her. So she tells Holly she stinks and Holly goes running out of the room because she knows if you tell her she stinks it means she needs a bath....and she hates baths.
SOOOOO.....last night Scott and I were watching a movie and it was around 10:45 and Holly was still hanging with us. So I texted Mom and told her Holly was waiting me out because she knew she smelled good and she knew she could sleep with us all night if she really wanted to--which apparently she did. Mom and I thought it was funny....and brilliant. My dog is so smart.
Anywho, I put Holly on my bed then did a few things to get ready for a good nights sleep and when I came back I saw this.

Well Hello Princess.

This is the old blanket I had on my bed. I have the new one I got yesterday on my bed (which I LOVE by the way) and had just washed this one but hadn't done anything with it yet. I came into my room and Her Royal Highness had placed herself on it. I found it funny. Silly girl.
So that's that. And yes my smell good puppy slept with me all night just like she intended on doing.

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