Friday, March 25, 2011

A Story Told By Hipstamatic

I'm very into my new Hipstamatic app these days. Here's how yesterday went using my Hipstamatic to tell the story...
Woke up to my red tulips bloomed out and my purple ones look like they're close to making their spring debut as well!! Drove to Fayetteville, went to Masons, and accidentally purchased this Rebecca Taylor top in a lovely jade color and this Prairie dress, navy and knee length, with a plunging back in hot pink silk. Swoon.
Made a stop at Sam's and picked up these gorgeous baby roses along with some good grocery goodies and lots of taste testing!
Came home to this little cutie....Made Mojitos for the first time! They were delicious and went perfectly with our Talipia Tacos with Mango Salsa that I whipped up for dinner which the father-in-law joined us for.While waiting on Scott to get home from work, I decided upon an impromptu photo shoot to kill time....and see if I could potentially get a new facebook photo out of it. I did and decided upon photo number 3.

After a delicious dinner, we watched Greys and Private Practice then hit the hay! It was a good day. Enjoy your weekend ladies and gentleman!! And if you haven't already, go get the Hipstamatic App. You can pick all different film types and it can keep you wildly entertained for entirely too long. Or that's how it works with me anyways...

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