Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bored Talk and Harry Potter

I have been SO BORED today. Scott and I went to church like usual and ate lunch at Crabby's but since I've gotten home I've had nothing to do. Speaking of church, the last two Sundays have been quite umm, interesting? When Scott and I got in the car he said "did you notice how inappropriate that Dad and daughter were?" Uhhh....YES!!!! I said. She must'v been 10 and she was hanging all over him and he was just a little creepy. Last Sunday this teenage couple who I would guess were around 14-15 were showing major PDA. They kept rubbing each other's back and doing the finger rub and whispering in each others ears and even kissed once. And his parents were sitting right beside them!! If I had been his parents I would have set them straight and probably would have made them break up when they got home. They were super inappropriate....especially for church!!!! My goodness.
So something I've been doing this whole week is watching the Harry Potter movies and I must say, I'm completely obsessed. The 1st half of the last book isn't out on DVD yet so I haven't seen it. I will for sure be going to the theater to watch the last installment. These movies are so good and it kinda makes me want to read the books. I dunno I really want to spend all that time reading them? Probably not. If you haven't watched the movies you're missing out. They are so dang good!!! Scott's the one who got me to watch them. He's seen them all and has been wanting to see the last two but really wanted me to watch them first because he knew I'd be into it. That's something I really love about Scott. He loves all movies. They don't have to be about cars or killing people. He'll totally go see a 'chick flick' with me and doesn't mind a bit. Not only does he not mind but he enjoys them as well! He's very secure with his manhood obviously. He'll watch all my shows with me--Desperate Housewives, the Kardashians, Glee, Oprah....I really appreciate that he takes an interest in my interests. Good man. I really love that about him. Speaking of Oprah she's ending her show on my birthday and I think that's a sign that she needs to give me tickets to it. Don't you? Okay I guess I'll get back to the OWN Network. I love it. Don't yall? That women does everything right.

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