Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guess What I'm Getting Today!

That's right folks. In just a few minutes I'm off to get my bicycle! Who's ridiculously excited? ME!! The last time I got a new bike I was 6.
I had planned to get my bike yesterday. I called my father-in-law, Randy, and asked him if he could meet me and get it for me because he has a bike rack on his car. He met me at Target and I pointed out the bike that I liked. He got it off the rack, popped it up on it's front tire, grabbed the pedals and started wheeling them around and all kinds of other maneuvers. I was laughing to myself and thinking 'Well this is a little intense.'
Let me give you a little background info on Randy. I think I've said before that he's hands down the healthiest person I've ever known. The ONLY thing you can find in his pantry are paper plates, olive oil and bread and the only thing in his refrigerator is chicken, salmon, asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, tobasco sauce, turkey, mustard, and ketchup. If you think I'm exaggerating-- I'm not. He eats the same things every. single. day. I don't know how he doesn't get tired of it. He also works out like crazy. He's really into running but he's also very into biking. He has a ridiculously nice bike and he bikes 14 miles every day. He doesn't even carry a water bottle. He has this backpack that holds water with a little tube coming out of it and he just sucks water out of that so he doesn't have to pause for a water break! HE'S CRAZY!!!
Soooo, he starts messing with the bike and he just doesn't approve. He said it's all messed up, it won't shift gears, the breaks are bad, etc. etc. etc. He said we would have to get it fixed right away and he felt I would be disappointed in the bike in just a few weeks.
What a bummer. He suggested we hop in his car and check out the bikes at Lewis and Clark. So we did and all of a sudden his bike snobbyness is totally rubbing off on me. Fifteen minutes in and I'm thinking 'uh oh.' I find a bike I'm kinda all the way obsessed with and the guy at Lewis and Clark convinces me to ride it around in the parking lot. I call Scott--tell him what's going on--he said just do whatever I want.
AN HOUR LATER, I'm still at the store trying to decide if I should get this bike....that I really want...but feel bad about purchasing. I told the guy 'okay let's do it!!' then I was like 'NO, I have to go home and think about it!' I was super stressed out and feeling very confused. I also felt bad as I wasted nearly an hour and a half of Randy's time with my indecisiveness.
Scott and I talked about it last night and he said he thought I should get it. So I am! Randy is going to meet me at Lewis and Clark in just a few minutes so he can carry it home for me. I'm very excited--feeling a little guilty--BUT--I have wanted a bike for a long time and I think in the long run this is definitely a better investment. I'll take good care of it, ride it nearly every day, and appreciate it a lot more than the bike from Target I believe.

Wanna see her?!

It's a Schwinn and the guy suggested a Hybrid since I'll only be riding it in my neighborhood as a good cardio workout. Isn't she pretty! I love that the seat is chocolate brown. I haven't decided on a name for her yet but I'm thinking maybe Pearl. What I love about having this bike is that they've totally fixed it up just for me--my height, weight, long legs, long arms, shorter torso, etc. It fits like couture. It's a couture bike! Love it. Love my husband even more for letting me get it. He's the best.

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