Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guest Blog by Holly

Hello everybody! My name is Holly Luttrell and I'm going to guest blog for Kara today. I thought I'd just let everybody get to know me a little better. First of all, I'm 14 years old. I'll turn 15 in October. I love treats, taking naps, going bye-bye, treats, getting the mail, sniffing (I'm a big sniffer), and treats. Kara tells me all the time she doesn't know why I don't weigh 27 pounds instead of just 7 because of how many treats I eat. I guess I'm just blessed with a good metabolism.
These are my favorite toys ever and the only ones I'll play with. My ball and my snake. I've had them both my whole life. Kara's had to stitch up snake's tummy once but otherwise they've held up well! I'm very gentle even with my toys so I guess that's why they're still here for me to play with 14 years later. I mostly just enjoy rolling all over them but I do love when someone throws my ball and I try to catch it in the air.As I said before, I love treats. I always expect one after I go potty or after I get a bath....plus all throughout the day as well. Kara's cut back on my treats since I've gotten older. But some days I just want a lot and she can hardly resist the sweet face I give her. However, if she's being stubborn about it, I'll just stand in the pantry (where she keeps them) until she gives me one. That always works.
Now I do not like to get a bath. However, I LOVE to get dry. It just feels so good to me.Something else that I just really love is a nap with my family. They pull out a blanket and I wag my tail and get so excited!!! I curl up in a little ball in their body curve and get great sleep. I also really love to take a nap in a suitcase! I love suitcases except sometimes they make me nervous because I know when they come out it means my family is going somewhere. So I sit and watch them pack very patiently while waiting to be told my fate--do I get to go too?! Or is Grammy gonna come to the house and watch me. Ultimately though, my favorite sleeping spot is my red velvet bed. It's so soft and just the right size for me. I always sleep in it when my family leaves me home by myself. They keep it in their closet. Sometimes I sleep so soundly in it I don't even hear them come home!I really love to go bye-bye. I get so excited especially when we go to the bank because I know they give treats there. I really love it when the window is rolled down. The breeze in my hair....ahh!! Usually though, I sit in the drivers lap and face the passengers side. I'm a very good bye bye rider. I'm a very sweet and loving girl with a very calm, and quiet personality. Momma and Kara really like that about me. Landon is the total opposite of me and he just plain makes me nervous. I'm not really a fan because he's just a little too rambunctious but he does love to share his food with me so I like him then. He really loves me a lot....Momma and Kara are trying to teach me to be better about letting him hold me and well...just get near me really. Check on the look on my face here. I'm terrified! Finally, here's me with my Kara. She loves me so much and I love her so much too. She tells me how cute and how smart I am all the time. The reason I'm so smart is because 1.) I've learned a lot of words so I have a very large vocabulary and know what a lot of things mean and 2.) I'm really good at telling people what I want. I know how to explain myself very well. My family treats me just like a human--I mean, I kinda am one after all....I just look like one of those dog things. I know that I'm spoiled but I think that's okay. It's just because my family loves me so much!
I'm glad I got to guest blog today! I hope you enjoyed my post and got the chance to know me a little better. Okay, I better stop rambling now. Enjoy your Tuesday everybody. KISSES!!

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