Monday, April 11, 2011

Yowzers. It's a long one folks.

Happy Monday! I'm up late and there's only 31 minutes left of it but oh well. I hope everyones weekend was fun. Mine was very chill. Scott had a hard work day on Friday and he usually craves comfort food when he gets home after a hard work day. So we ate dinner at Chilis. We had queso and shared the jalapeƱo burger. Then, Scott went to 8:45...and I watched Monsters Ball. I'm 10 years late with that but it was good.
Scott went to the office Saturday so Holly and I spent some quality time together. We ate lunch on the patio at McAlisters. Of course she got all kinds of attention. People love to tell me she looks like a walking Teddy Bear followed by the "what kind of dog is that?" question. I feel comfortable taking Holly anywhere with me because she's such a good girl. She doesn't make a peep and she just sat in my lap while I enjoyed my chicken tortilla soup & chef cucumbers or cheese and honey mustard on the side, with an iced tea half/half with a lemon. (my McAlisters staple) Of course she gave me the please, please, please eyes the whole time so she enjoyed some ham and turkey.
A few errands later and my little lady was worn out so I dropped her at home so she could nap.
I later got a call from Scott asking if I could bring him and his coworkers some food for lunch. So I picked up their to-go order and met his new employees?? and chatted with them and his boss for a bit. His bosses always apologize to me for how much Scott works. Mmmmm's kinda a lot.
THEN I went to Westwood Gardens and picked out flowers. As I was putting the plants in my trunk, I realized right as I was shutting it, NOOOOO!!! I laid my car key in the trunk while I was loading my flowers. So I had to make the embarrassing call to Scott, which was only embarassing because he was at work, that I locked myself out. He had to leave work, go home, get the spare key, and drive ALL THE WAY to rescue me. I felt bad.....and stupid. I've never done that before.
That evening we enjoyed another casual meal at On The Border. I should probably let you know I have a slight addiction to that restaurant and I have for over a decade. I think they have the best salsa. I live for On The Border. I especially love it in the summertime. Scott & I sit on the patio, enjoy a few drinks, and share fajitas. I told our waiter that I think their salsa is so good that sometimes I just eat it plain with a fork. When he brought me a to-go box he brought me a QUART of salsa and said "shhhh." He's my new favorite person.
I came home and watched a Lifetime movie on the Scott & Laci Petterson story.
How different my life was this weekend. I usually spend them with full blown make-up, curled hair, little dress and heels, stacked bangles and a small clutch while dining at an amazing restaurant and sipping a martini. This weekend I had a Chilis burger and watched Lifetime movies. Gotta say, I'm not sad about it.
Sunday I had to go to church alone because you know who was working. Not acceptable. I received white daisys later that evening as Scott felt he was "probably in the dog house" because of that. Yes and yes. And not just with me. Jesus didn't care for that either.
My mother-in-law, Jodie, treated me to a movie that afternoon. We watched Just Go With It and it was really cute. However, Jennifer Aniston never fails to make me feel bad about my body. She's amazing. Her legs are perfection. Anywho, I made a vow to never eat again.
Hence, I'm starting my summer health kick tomorrow. I always eat healthy but I'll snack on goldfish. Or have a random weekend of Chili burgers and On The Border salsa. No more of that. Im going to be in a bikini soon and I've decided I need to look just like Jen. I went to Walmart today and got all my yummy fruits and veggies and I'm excited about putting good foods in my body. No more processed crackers for snacks.
I also bought this book today that explains how food digests in your body and at what times and what foods rot (ew) in your tummy and all that jazz. So nerdy of me? Yes. Innerestin book? Very. Okay that's all. That was a very long post. My bad. I guess I just had a lot to say.

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